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HELITA Lightning Protection System

These state of the art technologies have been designed on the basis of a series of patents registered jointly by HELITA and French National Standard Scientific Research Centre (CNRS). The Pulsar of HELITA are designed for satisfactory lightning protection system for structures and wide open area (such as Sporting Ground, Oil Field, Golf Course) using are Early Streamer Emission (ESE) technology. Helita’s position as international leader in direct Lightning Protection with over 200,000 installations throughout the world. In Myanmar Lightning Protection System for Parliament House is biggest project using 97 nos. of PULSAR of HELITA ESE Lightning Protection Rod.

HAKEL Surge Protection System

The usage of Surge Protection devices is becoming common necessity nowadays. Hakel Ltd.(Czech Republic) is major producers of surge protection devices in Europe and stand amon world market leaders products are tested according to standard EN 61.643-11. Overvage (Surge Voltage) is caused by Lightning Stroke and switching in heavy current network and its peak value exceeds the peak value of the highest operating voltage in LV power system. Usage of surge arresters SPD and Lightning arresters, we can protect the important and expensive telecommunication equipments and other electronic devices such as Video and Audio devices, Control panel computer and network equipment.

Vanguard Fire Alarm System

Vanguard is the one of the top brand fire alarm system in Singapore and an ISO 9001: 2000 accredited manufacturer. Their products for Conventional and Addressable Fire Alarm System is PSB approved and UL listed. Vanguard manufacture also one-way and two-way Emergency Voice Communication System (EVC).

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